Our History

History of Leather

Italy is one of the leading countries in the world market of leatherwear, shoes and other leather goods and Tuscany is famous for its artisanal crafts and products. The quality of the handmade leather-ware is very high and, generally, based on a long, local tradition. Tuscany is particularly known for its leatherworking tradition and its great experience in the production of high quality leather handbags, shoes, purses and jackets, as well as wallets, belts and other leather accessories.

Leather is made by subjecting the hide of an animal to a lengthy treatment process. People have been working with leather for thousands of years and Italy has been famous for leather production for centuries. Florence is particularly famous for its leather, and in Milan, Italy’s capital of fashion, Italian leather is used almost exclusively by high fashion houses. Because Italian brands tend to dominate the fashion world, Italian leather has come to be closely associated with quality, fashion and good taste.

This is where our handbags and leather products are produced – they are hand-made in Italy using Italian leather.

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